Happy New Year

Saturday, December 31, 2011.
Well it is that time again. Looking over my last year I have had some low moments and some high moments.

I will not go into the low moments as they are best left in the past. But the high moments I have a great career now and love working at my law office. I also have another job as well that I do enjoy. I also have 4 cross stitch finishes for the year. Monopoly, Dream, Witchy Washy and Oriental Courage. I am quiet happy to have those completed.

Now for the New Year. I do not make resolutions anymore as I never stuck by them and now is not the time to work on making any either. But I do intend to get some weight loss going and getting back to the gym. I am also not starting another cross stitch except one. I signed up on the HAED BB for the new SAL. So I will be working on that starting tomorrow.

2012 is going to be my finishing year. Finish the rest of my schooling (only have word and excel to do) and to finish my cross stitching. It is also going to be finishing all those debts I have. I figure it will take me 6 months to clear out except for my student loan.

So here is to 2012 and a year that is going to be fantastic for us all :)


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Sunday Update

Sunday, November 27, 2011.
Wow I didn't think I would do these again lol. Anyways. I worked on my finish Witchy Washy and after I finished that I worked on my HAED SK SAL all I did was White so nothing to show on that. But then I picked up another one I would love to see finished this year. It is my Chatelaine Mystery XII so I finished part 7 tonight and will be heading to Part 9 lol. Here it is part 7 and what it looks like overall.

I will probably be working on my HAED SK again to see if I can add different colours. Then I will get back to Part 9. Have a great week.
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Finish number 4

Thursday, November 24, 2011.
I have a Halloween finish :) I finished Witchy Washy. I started this 2 years ago in February. So I am glad it is finished. Here is the picture. My cat's tail broke and the spider didn't look good on it so I left it off :)
The chart is up for trade if anyone wants it :) Photobucket
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Sunday, November 6, 2011.
I've been stitching again. It feels so good. I am working on Witchy Washy to finish it up. I am almost done. Not sure what to work on after. I will show a picture of it when I'm done :) Have a great week and Hug a Vet this week. Photobucket
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Friday, November 4, 2011.
I am finally going to be getting back to my stitching. I am almost done school and looking forward to my new adventure :) Just thought I'd update you all :)Photobucket
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Sitting in Class

Thursday, September 15, 2011.
As I am sitting in class, I am reminded on how much I love my new path. I have finally found what I am suppose to do with my life. It is a long process but as I start to finish up the last of the legal part of my course I am reminded everyday how fortunate I am that I am almost done. Yes I have not picked up my stitching in months as when I get home from my day I am usually dead tired. I will paint a picture for you as to what I go through in a day. Monday and Tuesday are my short days as I am only in class until the lecture is done and I have all my work completed. So I am usually home by noon. But then again I am up by 5 to leave by 5:30 am so I can have a parking spot at the train as the parking fills up fast and I really do not want to walk 5 blocks. Wednesday to Friday I am up again at 5 and leave again at 5:30 am. I go to school till again we are done. After I am off to the car to drop off my heavy books and then I head back to the train and head back downtown Calgary. I go get lunch then I walk the 6 blocks to go to my practicum. I am there from 1pm till 5pm sometimes 5:30pm. Then off to the house. I get home anywhere from 6:30 to 7pm I eat a veg then I go back to sleep. It does make for a very long day. So I hope that I can get back to my stitching soon but alas I fear I won't be. I really miss picking up the needle and I really miss working on the beautiful pictures. I do have to get working on my SK Sal which I hope to do today as I am going home due to not feeling the greatest. Well that is what I am up to. Back to learning Real Estate Law. Photobucket
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011.
I know long time no see been busy with school. Will update more later. In class right now learning real estate law
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Friday, June 24, 2011.
Well as school progresses I am finding time to stitch so I can relax. I am enjoying school however but there is a lot of stress lol. We have done so far in school Legal Office Procedures, General Law, Wills and Estates, Legal Research, and now working on Civil Litigation. I have done really well so far. In LOP I received 93%, in General Law I received 96%, in Wills and Estates I received 98% and in Legal Research I received 98% as well. Civil litigation is going really well so far. It really isn't that hard to be honest as it is mostly filling out the forms. Just have to pay attention to details.

For stitching I have finished two projects and on track to finish a third. I have finished Monopoly finally I am so happy to have that one done. It is just sitting waiting till I have money to frame it. I also need certain pieces to finish it off lol. Here is the finished Monopoly.

I also finished Dream by Lizzie Kate. I have finished it before but as I left that at my previous job I never did get any of that stuff back. I will be making this into a cube but want to finish Love first before I do. So here is my finished Dream.

Last but not least I have been working on my Oriental Courage SK. I am almost done and really looking forward to getting it finished. I should have it done Sunday so watch this space for the finished project.

I have started on a new HAED that is part of a 6 month SAL with the HAED BB and I am excited to get working on it. Only issue is I am having troubles finding the right colour fabric. But I do have a gift certificate to use at my not so close lns for my birthday. So I'll post when I can on that.

So after Oriental Courage I will be working on my Chatelaine Mystery XII. I am so looking forward to getting back to that one.

My family is doing really well at the moment. The girls are just finishing up their last exams now and will be done school today. They are so looking forward to not having to go to school everyday. They both are looking for summer jobs and I hope they get something so they don't drive me nuts when I get home. I am still not working yet but will hopefully have a job soon. Max is getting big as he is over a year old now and is a very loving playful dog. The older one Thor is still not taking to well to Max which is too bad. So we will be actively looking for a new home for Max.
We also had a busy week last week as it was my birthday. We wanted to buy a barbque for me and father's day as they were so close together. Well we went to walmart here in town and found the perfect barbque. The barbque was regular $379. We paid wait for it lol $100.00 it was such a great deal. Here is what it looks like It actually cooks like a dream. I love using it.

So over all a busy year and it will only get busier. I am looking forward to finishing this program and working in a Law office. I hope all of you have a great summer.

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I'm sorry and blogging again

Thursday, June 23, 2011.
This has been such a busy year. I have been having a lot of ups and downs. One down is my exchange partner for the froggie exchange. I did mail it, just not sure what happened to it. I am sorry. I know I should of mailed Meari about it but I have been so busy with school. I again am sorry. I will be reviving this blog again as I have cut out some things in my life. And one is online gaming. I am not playing WOW anymore as I am finding the drama is just retarted. I have also left all my groups on yahoo as well as I have no time to read any of the emails anymore. I do hope you all forgive me for the issue with the exchange and I hope I can make it up to all of you
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Simple Sunday Update

Saturday, February 5, 2011.
This week went by in such a blur that it was hard to believe that it is over. Weather wise we were extremely cold for the beginning of the week -40 temps it was horrible. By the middle of the week we were in the high 4o's it was such a nice change. Could almost walk around in just a sweater. Now we are dipping back down to the 20's but oh well.

Monday after school I met up with Ron and his Daughter Emma for lunch. It was great meeting her and she is just like her father it is amazing. He didn't have a hand of raising her but she is just like him.

School this week went fast. As it is my first week at school was hard to decide what to expect. First week was dedicated to Windows XP Fundamentals well I finished that in 2 days. I received a 96% so I am satisfied with it. I then moved to Keyboarding. Finished that on Friday and I can type 65 words per minute with only 2 errors. Not to bad I must say lol. The passing mark for 100% was 50 words per minute with only 2 errors. I took my time I know I can type way faster than that but I wanted limited errors. And now I can put that on my resume. Also received a certificate so that is a bonus lol. So with finishing Keyboarding I added an extra week for my practicum.

I haven't been stitching all that much this week as when I get home I'm beat. But I did work on a SAL on the HAED board for their retired artist SAL. I worked on Revelations as it is February, so it is Revelation month. Here is where I started to stitch from:

Here is where I ended up:

I also worked on my Froggy exchange for the I-Love-Cross-Stitch Group. I have finished one part of my frog. Now just have to finish the other part and piece it together. I should have that done next weekend. I will get sent off to my partner. I hope they like it.

I also worked on Monopoly. I am slowly getting there. Here is where I left off last week:

Here is what it looks like now:
So I got a lot done on Monopoly. I am going to continue working on it today and will see how much further I can get :)

Once Monopoly is over looks like Dream by Lizzie Kate will be the next one on the chopping block. Thank you all for all your votes. I hope you all had a great week. Also Peggy H is having a Giveaway here is her web address http://neverenoughstash.blogspot.com/


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Happy Sunday

Sunday, January 30, 2011.
Well it is really cold outside at the moment. So what better to do then to stitch. This week I worked on Monopoly and Water. I really didn't pick up my stitching much this week but that is ok. I did get some done. And better to get some done then none I believe lol.
So here is a before picture of Water where I started off:
And here is an after picture of where I left off:
I actually have all the bottom finished off. So I have finished 6 pages :)
Here is where I left off on Monopoly:

So I came up with a new stitching plan for my HAED's I will be working on them each Month so January was technically Advice from a Caterpillar. So February is Revelations. So here is where I'm starting for the month:
It also is the Retired Artist SAL on the HAED Board so I am working on Revelation.

Overall this month the stitching is going well. I am also working on an exchange piece for I-Love-Cross-Stitch yahoo group. It is a froggie exchange so I'm working on that as well. I will be done it in no time. I will be working on it more today.

School starts tomorrow so I may post more during the week or will post my usual Sunday's so I can let you know how my week went. First week is going to be a breeze for me as it's only the fundamentals of Windows XP and I learned XP when I took my Computer course for my last schooling so I know I am going to be so bored oh well.

I do hope everyone has a great week and have a great stitchy week :)

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Sunday, January 23, 2011.
This week has been an interesting week overall. And an exciting week for some. I am still in shock that all of this has happened. Now you all are probably wondering what happened to me this week. Well I'll start from the beginning. When I met my DH I knew of a relationship he had previously where he had a daughter. Well he tried to see if he could be the responsible adult and try and make it work with the mother of his daughter. Well it unfortunately didn't work out and he lost all contact with his daughter. She was a year old when he saw her last. Just recently before Ron's 42nd birthday his daughter had found her sister, my daughter, and added her to Facebook. As Kerriene didn't know who it was she didn't add her sister. Ron came downstairs to my room and wanted me to see something. His Ex had left him a message on Facebook. That is when a whole can of worms opened up and I knew it was finally time for him to meet his daughter. I knew this day would come it's just I didn't know when it would happen. I am happy that it is happening and that he is able to have his daughter in his life again. They met on Friday and they spent 5 and 1/2 hours catching up. Really hard to keep the wondering on what is going on when you aren't there lol. So now she is back in Ron's and Kerriene's life and that makes me happy.

So needless to say stitching did suffer a bit but I did work on Monopoly. I am almost done. I changed the center a bit but it looks fantastic so here is where I left off:
Another one I pulled out for a SAL is Advice from a Caterpillar. I am enjoying working on this I almost have the leaf done. I hope to pull it out again but Monopoly has to be finished first. Here is where I left off:

Last but not least I decided to add sidebars to the blog I think they look fantastic. So I put all my HAED's on the side. The one HAED I really wanted to work on was Water. So I pulled that out yesterday for a bit. Here is where I was before I picked it up:

And here it is where I left off:
This week I plan on working on Monopoly and finishing it off. Then I'll probably put a poll up with a list on what to work on next. I will put the ones I am almost finished up.

So enough with the babbling have a great stitchy week. I go to my orientation on Thursday. And then Start school on the 31st.

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Day 14 and 15

Sunday, January 16, 2011.
Well we have come to the end of the Crazy January Sal start portion lol. Here is my final 2 starts.

Day 14 saw me stitching on my 2009 boo club. I am going to love this one. I cannot remember what the fabric is but it sure is going to set it off nicely. I am missing a few colours but I have found at least a few substitutes that would work the only one that I feel won't work out very well is the substitute for Ocean but then again that colour isn't really a Halloween colour. I will find something that will work. As I want to work through my stash with this without buying anything. Here is how far I have gotten on this project: Day 15 saw me working on Celtic Spring. I was working on this fabric that made my hands feel dry and the fabric was so stiff. So I went through my stash and found this one. I was saving this fabric for Woodland Fairies but I felt that Celtic Spring would look good on it as well. The fabric is called Scattered leaves. Here is a picture of where I have gotten to:

I have been working on the model and have been trying to get back to where I have left off when I realized the mistake. I'm almost there. But now I'm going to concentrate on this one mostly and work on a UFO for the UFO sal.

The UFO I picked out to work on is Monopoly. I am so close to being done that I thought I'd work on it. I just have to finish GO and then the center and then I am finished. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

So I am ready for school now it's just the orientation to go through to get my student idea and that happens on the 27th. Then I start school on the 31st. I am excited about it.

It is starting to slowly warm up by the end of the week we will be in the 40's so I am happy about that instead of being in the negatives. I hope everyone has a great upcoming week
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Day 12 and 13

Friday, January 14, 2011.
I worked on Day 12 which was Wisconsin really didn't do a lot but I did get a few stitches in. Here is a picture of it:

So yesterday I worked on Day 13 which was 3 Faces of Santa. I restarted this design as I started a long time ago on cashell and hated it. I am currently stitching it on Silkweavers 28ct lugana it is a green color not sure what it is as it is one of their limited edition. I love the feel of the fabric it is so soft. Here is a picture of where I got to yesterday:

I have also been working on Advice From a Caterpillar for a SAL on the HAED bb. It ran from Friday to Thursday so here it is before :

And here it is now:

I also worked on my model but have to rip all that I did out. I am so frustrated as I messed up somewhere and not sure where. But that's ok it will get all my attention tomorrow and Sunday.
So day 14 is 2009 Boo club and day 15 is Celtic Spring. Stay tuned to Sunday :)

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Day 10 and 11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
Well today started off slow lol didn't want to get out of my warm bed. And who can blame me it's flipping freezing everywhere. So I did get out of bed because I had to wake the girls up for school.
After they left for school I hoped on here grabbed my Day 11, plugged in a movie and went to work on it. Around 10 am MST I received a phone call. Now let me give you a bit of background about it first. Back in December I decided to go back to school for a Professional Legal Assistant. Well we decided to file for my funding online as I had received a student loan in the past and was able to obtain my certificate number for it. Also not to mention that loan was paid off in the first year after I finished school the first time so I was in really good shape on that. So I was told by the Finance officer that it shouldn't take too long because we did it online. Not the case I waited for about 3 weeks before they made their decision. Well with me being able to check on the status I was getting a bit worried *ok a lot worried lol*, so I called them yesterday. I waited for 45 minutes on the phone waiting for them to tell me they had no status I have until next Friday before I could find anything out. Frustrated beyond belief I said fine and hung up the phone so needless to say didn't feel like stitching much at all. I then decided to forget about checking the status until the following week. Now back to the phone call. I heard the phone ring this morning and as I was in my room I really didn't feel like going upstairs to grab it. Well I did go get it but nothing to really concern myself with as I knew that it was for the other half as I call him atm and he is at work so no point in answering to give him the message anyways. So as I was working on Day 11 I then got the phone call from the College I will be attending for my program and they said they got the approval today that I was able to proceed with the program. So needless to say I got off the phone excited that I got the funding and went to check online to be sure. I am so happy that I am able to go to school and not worry how I'm going to pay for it. I know I will have to worry about what I have to pay back but some is grant again so I don't have too much worries.

Now for stitching. Day 10 I worked on Firefly Fairies by Lavender and Lace and like I said earlier I was frustrated and didn't stitch much so here is the picture of it so far. At least I am a bit further on it lol

Day 11 saw me working on Guardian Spirits I can pretty much only work on this during the day while my adopted daughter is at school as this is a gift for her. She is of Native decent and her Native name is Lil' Grey Wolf. I also have the pack for her as well. So here is the progress on the little Wolf in the design. I know it doesn't look like much but I do like working on this.

So tonight I will work some more on the model and also work more on Advice From A Caterpillar. My goal on the last one is to finish a page and I know with working on it at least once a month I will get there. Tomorrow is Day 12 and it is Wisconsin's turn.
Anyways this post is long enough. Happy Stitching

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Day 8 and 9

Sunday, January 9, 2011.
Was just informed of Rene from I-Love-Cross-Stitch Yahoo Groups passed away from Cancer today please keep the family in your thoughts.

This post is dedicated to Rene La Frog

Well as the weather is horrible here what better way to spend the time then by stitching. So this weekend I worked on the Model for Kustom Kraft I am really enjoying it. I also worked on my webpage a bit here is the link to check it out: http://threadsthroughtime.weebly.com/index.html

So Day 8 stitching is Spooky Welcome by Stoney Creek. I am going to love this design when it is done. Here is a picture of how much I got done. I didn't get much done but that's ok it has more in it then before lol.

For Day 9 I stitched on A Little Bit of Peace and Quiet I only worked with one colour but that is ok. Here is the picture of it. Not a bad start on this one.

I will be working now on my HAED that I am doing as part of the SAL. Also will be going back to the model. Day 10 is tomorrow and I get to work on Firefly Fairies I am so excited to get to that one.
Anyways stay warm :)
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Day 6 and 7

Friday, January 7, 2011.
Day 6 was decided to be Athena but with me not feeling the greatest and a little agitated I didn't get much done. Here is the photo:

Day 7 was decided to be Dream by Lizzie Kate. I decided to take a day off of the model and stitched this up. I would of had this done but I messed up and had to rip most of it out and re-do it but I prevailed so when this gets picked up again I'm sure it will be finished.

I will be back on my model tomorrow during the day. Day 8 is Spooky Welcome so I will be working on that and also working on my Sal piece on the Heaven And Earth BB
This is my before picture of Advice From a Caterpillar. I just have to find my lap stand :)

Anyways going to go watch tv and relax. Have a great day.
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Days 4 and 5

Thursday, January 6, 2011.
Well it has been a busy couple of days. I have finally got my fabric for the model so I have started that. I do time on the model and then move to mine for the SAL. I am really enjoying the model only challenge is it's on Navy Blue lol but I'm loving the challenge :) Sorry cannot show you what I'm stitching until it is released :) Let us just say a few people will be happy :)

As for Day 4 of the Crazy January SAL I have chosen two for that day. They aren't very big so I thought we will combine them. They are both Mill Hill Kits and I'm enjoying it.

This is what Merry will look like when finished:

And this is what Haunted Hotel will look like when finished:
Haunted Hotel:

Day 5 I decided to work on the gift for my adopted daughter. She won't see it till Christmas I think as there is a lot of confetti stitching to it but it will look awesome. It is called The Pack by Janlynn.
Here is what it will look like when done:

And here is where I got to last night:

So for day 6 I will be working on Mirabilia's Athena. I am looking forward to that but first I have to work on the model until at least 3 or 4 as that is all the daylight I have.

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Challenge Day 3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011.
So day 1 and 2 were posted so yesterday was day 3. Here is my progress on Celtic Christmas as it was my day 3. I like it better now on this fabric it is Sugar Maple fabric Douglas Fir.

Day 4 will be Merry and Haunted Hotel :)
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Crazy January SAL

Sunday, January 2, 2011.
Well the first two days went off without a hitch. I decided to give myself a break from Monopoly and decided to work on a few of the new starts that I have started on January 1st. So I decided considering I already started 15 new projects on the first day of January that I'd join this Crazy January SAL. The objective is to start 15 new projects in 15 days. Which really isn't a problem for me lol. The challenge will be to finish them in 2011. Now that is Crazy I hope I make it :) Plus with a model to stitch and some of the ones that I have started already that I want to get near or completed this will be interesting lol

So one project I decided to work on was Snowman by Margaret Sherry. I did have to stop as I do not have one of the colours, which I will pick up tomorrow as I'm out and about tomorrow. So here is my progress on that. This is being worked on 28 ct blue evenweave that I had in my stash.

So with not having that one colour I am off and running on Santa's North Pole. It is being stitched on 28ct Hand painted linen called Nuthatch. Wow what an experience that one is. The fabric is beautiful but it has the sparklies in it and that gets a bit annoying. And the colour changes are amazing there is so much changes lol. I think HAED is mild by comparison on this chart. But I am loving it. It will be interesting to see if it will actually fit on the fabric. Here is the first part of the tree. I decided to backstitch as I go as there is so much backstitching. If I left it to the end it wouldn't get done. So here is the picture of it.

I am enjoying it. So we shall see what I feel like working on tomorrow :)
Have a great Night
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