February In Review

Saturday, February 28, 2009.
Wow this month went by so quickly. Before I get into the stitching update I do have good news to report. I am going back to work on Monday. I'm really happy. I'll be at a Call Center working as a Tech Support Rep (TSR) with Shaw Cable. The commute is going to be rough but I know I'll love this job. Julie who will be my boss was very excited that I accepted the position as we got along really well in our first Interview together. So it will be great. Plus I get a discount on my cable, internet and phone. I also get benefits right away and also 2 weeks vacation right away. I'm really happy about this. Now on to stitching.

This month saw me start off with Monopoly. I did finish Square number 2 which was Kentucky Square. I really enjoy stitching this as it's a fun pattern.

After this I did start the Kustom Kraft Mystery. I did not get my goal done to get page 1 done. I just couldn't get into it. I really do not know why.

After KK Mystery I went ahead to finish page 1 of Revelations. It took me 4 weeks to complete just one page. I was so glad to move off of that one. But it does look good and you can see Part of her Wing and Part of the Butterfly on page 2.

I then started Mystery XII by Chatelaine. I love working on this. It is coming along nicely. Here is part 1 finished and a Part of Part 2 that I have gotten done
Part 3 is out and So I'm going to start that soon as well.

After totally getting fustrated with the Ripples in Wild Horses I decided to walk away from it. So in it's place I'm putting Baby Ghosts. That is to be started in March as I'm going to do it as part of a contest. And for that contest I commited in doing 2 pages.

Then I turned my attention to Water and found that I'm not going to have enough fabric. That really made me mad as I already finished page 1. So I decided to scrap it again and start over. I am bound and determined to work on this so I started again on Page 37 which is the bottom left corner. There are only 1920 stitches not enough going on in this page to take a picture of it. So here is my colouring of the chart.

I also turned my attentions to playing Sims2. Who knew that game was addicting. I haven't played much lately as I'm trying to get laundry done so I have clothes for work.

So yesterday after finding out I had the job *YAYYYY* lol. I decided to treat myself with a work project so I bought a Lizzie Kate Double Flip it that says Dream and love, I also got the weeks and gast to do it with, the fabric to do it on and another Star Detailor as I couldn't find mine.

Also found out when I was at the mall that my contract was almost up so I signed another one and got an iphone. It is really cool. I have seen them before they came to Canada as a friend that I worked with at Best Buy had one.

My daughter also had her Grad photo's done. They turned out beautifully and it was really hard to pick. We decided on Image 3.
So my goals for March are
1. Finish New York *will do this at the Stitch in this Month*
2. Start Baby Ghosts for Contest in Mystic Stitch Group
3. Finish Part 2 and Start Part 3 on Chatelaine Mystery
4. Finish a Page in Water *Starting bottom left so I almost have Page 37 done*
5. Start Page 4 on FFA
6. Finish My travel Project
Well I guess I have talked your ear off so Happy Stitching in March.
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Update of Sorts

Wednesday, February 25, 2009.
I really haven't stitched much over the weekend as I was fustrated with my stitching and decided to play a game.

My daughter got me hooked on The Sims 2 So I was playing that. Now I think I'm ready to get back to my stitching.

I know I won't do my goals this month but I'm not worried in the least about it. As they are just goals. They do change.

Here are my Goals for March
1. Finish New York *will do this at the Stitch in this Month*
2. Start Baby Ghosts for Contest in Mystic Stitch Group
3. Finish Part 2 and Start Part 3 on Chatelaine Mystery
4. Finish a Page in Water *Starting bottom left so I almost have Page 37 done*
5. Start Page 4 on FFA
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Mid Week Update

Wednesday, February 18, 2009.
Well I'm going to be putting Wild Horses away as I'm really not happy with the ribbing it's giving me. I can see why you do not work 10 x 10 blocks on Mystic Stitches unless using a scroll frame or qsnaps. So I am going to work on something for my daughter. It's called Baby Ghosts.
This chart uses 16 skiens of black. I do have all of the stuff for it. So it wasn't hard to start it. I'm going to change all of the colours over from Wild Horses. So I'll see how this one works out. I'll be doing it on 32 ct over 2 Ivory Belfast Linen.
My daughter is out of school this week so we are trying to get some cleaning done. It's not going to fast as I've been feeling worn out by noon. Not sure why but I'm sure it will get better.
Well that's all I have to say today. I hope everyone has a great stitching week
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Another Week's Update

Sunday, February 15, 2009.
This week has been a slow stitching week. I really haven't done much on the stitching front.

I started off working on Revelations. It took me 4 weeks to finish off page 1. So far you can see her wing and part of a butterfly.

After Revelations I jumped into working On Part 1 of my Chatelaine Mystery XII. I finished part 1 minus the beads, as I'm using qsnaps and don't want them squashed or broken. I have bits of part 2 done but want to finish the outline. If I don't finish part 2 I'm not worried as long as I get the outline done. Then it will be easier to do part 3.
On Monday I start working on Mystic Stitch Wild Horses. I hope to get page 6 done on it. I'm looking forward to it lol. It is only 3300 stitches. So I hope to finish it that week. We shall see.
I have booked the cabin for our trip this summer. I'm so excited about it :) anyways off I go to finish a bit of part 2 then will work on KK Mystery to see if I can finish page 1.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009.
Well I'm going to be changing my Posting schedule. I'll be doing posts every Sunday and Wednesday. So that will be a nice change.

Stitching: I finally received my kit for Chatelaine's Mystery XII. I am missing 3 of the flower Crystals. I did email Cindy not sure if she read that yet or not. I am working on Part 1 though and it is coming along nicely. I did have to rip out quiet a bit of stitching and it was the silks. I did manage to save them so that made me happy. But I did get a lot done yesterday. You will see updates of that on Sunday.

With Revelation I only have 630 Stitches as of 10:30 am MST. So I should have it done either today or tomorrow. I'll be happy to finally finish page 1. So far you can see the wings of her and part of a butterfly. The colours in the butterfly are really bright and vibrante. I'm not an orange lover but I do love the 741 colour for this design.

With Kustom Krafts Mystery I have done a little bit more. If I don't get more done on that I won't take a picture as it really isn't worth it. But we shall see how much I have done.

Home: Well not much really going on here. Kerriene is home sick. Poor kid. But she needs the rest and the sleep. Talked to my sister yesterday. Told her the package has been sent. Also I sent Mom's new lap stand to her. She is really excited and cannot wait to get back to stitching. I cannot wait to see what she will work on. We are planning a trip to Ontario this summer. We are going to go out to the camp that I use to go to when I was young. My sister said that they will meet us out there. I'm so excited about that. I can see my niece YAYYYYY lol. And make a trip to Thunder Bay for my Persians lol. If you do not know what persians are they are a donut/cinnamon roll like item with this wonderful Pink icing on it. I love them and usually buy about 4 dozen when I'm there and have the icing on the side. My whole family loves them. My sister sent me more pictures of my niece. She is such a doll here is a picture of her at the Daddy and Daughter Dance

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Sunday Update

Sunday, February 8, 2009.
It was a good week I guess for stitching.
This week I worked on Monopoly SAL and finished the Kentucky Square. So next month I work on the New York Square. It turned out wonderful.

I also started the Kustom Krafts Mystery stitch. Didn't get to far as I really wanted to work on Revelations.

And I also worked on Revelations. I got 3280 for the week done. Confetti Nightmare. Wow so sick of confetti lol. But you can see her wing it looks great.
Today didn't really work on anything yet as we went Ice Fishing today. It was a lot of fun. We didn't catch a thing but we were outside in the wonderful sun. You can see pictures of that here http://threadsthroughtime.multiply.com/photos/album/71/Ice_Fishing
Happy Stitching
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Thursday, February 5, 2009.
Wow Totally missed updating you all on Tuesday so well better late then never.

It's been a busy week here full of stitching. I only have 3660 stitches left on Revelations to complete page 1. Still waiting for my Mystery XII kit to show up. I hope it's here soon. I'd really like to get started :) Also started the KK one haven't done much on it as I want to get page 1 of Revelation completed for sure this month. I'll be posting photos on Sunday. I did complete one goal and that was to finish the Kentucky Square in the Monopoly sal.

The weather has been nice here so far. We have been seeing above 0 temps all week which is nice. This sunday we are going to a Fishing Derby for Fire Fighters and their families. I'm looking forward to it.

Today's pic I thought I'd share with you is my Daughter. She has really grown a lot and is a beautiful Young lady that butts heads with me all the time. Generally we are good but there are days lol. She will be Graduating Grade 9 this year and then off to Highschool. The Highschool is just a block and a half away so she can walk YAYYY lol.
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Month In Review

Sunday, February 1, 2009.
Wow a month has gone by so fast. I thought I would do a Month in Review.

Well This month saw me start off with Page 1 of Water by HAED. Stitching it 1 over 1 on 28ct Lugana. It is turning out beautiful. That page was a very fast stitch I think as there wasn't much confetti to stitch.

After I was going to hit page 7 of Wild Horses but alas I really didn't want to stitch more Blue. Don't get me wrong I like Blue but needed a break. So I switched to Freedom For All by Kustom Krafts. It definetly went fast. I absolutely loved Stitching Page 2 of the Design as it was more of the Horses Head.

Well after I finished page 2 of FFA, I decided to turn my attentions to another over 1 stitching and that was Revelation. My goal for that was to to get 1/2 way done on Page 1. Well I did meet this goal. It is stitched on 32ct Lugana 1 over 1. It is absolutely wonderful to stitch I am enjoying it. I hope to finish page 1 in February.

This Year I am participating in 3 SAL's.

The First one I'm participating on is Monopoly Sal. I was able to work on it yesterday at the Stitch in at the LNS. I was able to get the Free Parking square done. I will be doing a square a month in this SAL. So Today I will work on Kentucky. Stitched 2 over 2 on 32 ct Joblan Waterlilly

The Second SAL I'm working on is a Kustom Kraft Sal that I am starting today. So no picture is available.
The Third SAL I'm working on is the Chatelaine Myster XII. I'm still waiting for my supplies to show up so I can start and work on Part 1 and Part 2. Here is a picture of what the supplies look like.

Yesterday I was at the Stitch in at my favorite LNS in Cochrane. The shop is called The Stitching Corner Every 2 months they have a 12 hour Stitch in. They have about 15 people show up and we can sit there and stitch. They feed us snacks through out the day and then provide Dinner. We also have draws on little door prizes and a big door prize. I won a chart called Marty Bell's Telegraph Hill Light House. I love it. Also we had coloured nametags and that colour was the indication of our free gift. We got Tins in pink green and yellow. My name tag was green so I got a green tin with a girl on it by Mary Engelbreit. It is so cute. Also I was a little bad. I did buy a chart and it is the New Mirabilia. It is so pretty. But the bonus is we got 20% off and I only had 50 dollars to spend. Well guess what I got 10 back lol. Cause that included my threads I needed the fabric I bought of Monopoly and the Chart so I think I did really good. Here are the pictures of my purchase, my gift and my winning.

So for my February goals are

1. Finish Feb Square for Monopoly

2. Finish Part 1 and 2 of Mystery XII

3. Finish Page 1 of KK Mystery SAL

4. Finish page 1 of Revelation

5. Finish page 6 of Wild Horses

6. FInish 1/2 of a Page on Water.

I will be very busy on stitching this month.

For Reading I am reading Warrior on the Wolfblade Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon. I hope to finish this book.

Well before this turns into a novel I'm going to go watch the Super Bowl and Stitch. Happy Stitching
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