Day 10 and 11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
Well today started off slow lol didn't want to get out of my warm bed. And who can blame me it's flipping freezing everywhere. So I did get out of bed because I had to wake the girls up for school.
After they left for school I hoped on here grabbed my Day 11, plugged in a movie and went to work on it. Around 10 am MST I received a phone call. Now let me give you a bit of background about it first. Back in December I decided to go back to school for a Professional Legal Assistant. Well we decided to file for my funding online as I had received a student loan in the past and was able to obtain my certificate number for it. Also not to mention that loan was paid off in the first year after I finished school the first time so I was in really good shape on that. So I was told by the Finance officer that it shouldn't take too long because we did it online. Not the case I waited for about 3 weeks before they made their decision. Well with me being able to check on the status I was getting a bit worried *ok a lot worried lol*, so I called them yesterday. I waited for 45 minutes on the phone waiting for them to tell me they had no status I have until next Friday before I could find anything out. Frustrated beyond belief I said fine and hung up the phone so needless to say didn't feel like stitching much at all. I then decided to forget about checking the status until the following week. Now back to the phone call. I heard the phone ring this morning and as I was in my room I really didn't feel like going upstairs to grab it. Well I did go get it but nothing to really concern myself with as I knew that it was for the other half as I call him atm and he is at work so no point in answering to give him the message anyways. So as I was working on Day 11 I then got the phone call from the College I will be attending for my program and they said they got the approval today that I was able to proceed with the program. So needless to say I got off the phone excited that I got the funding and went to check online to be sure. I am so happy that I am able to go to school and not worry how I'm going to pay for it. I know I will have to worry about what I have to pay back but some is grant again so I don't have too much worries.

Now for stitching. Day 10 I worked on Firefly Fairies by Lavender and Lace and like I said earlier I was frustrated and didn't stitch much so here is the picture of it so far. At least I am a bit further on it lol

Day 11 saw me working on Guardian Spirits I can pretty much only work on this during the day while my adopted daughter is at school as this is a gift for her. She is of Native decent and her Native name is Lil' Grey Wolf. I also have the pack for her as well. So here is the progress on the little Wolf in the design. I know it doesn't look like much but I do like working on this.

So tonight I will work some more on the model and also work more on Advice From A Caterpillar. My goal on the last one is to finish a page and I know with working on it at least once a month I will get there. Tomorrow is Day 12 and it is Wisconsin's turn.
Anyways this post is long enough. Happy Stitching


Berly said...

That's a decent start on your projects, Terri! That is sooo awesome about your funding.

AFwife99 said...

Wow- working on a lavender and lace! I officially gave up on mine, even RAK'ed the patterns on to people who might stitch them.

Mel said...

It has been freaking cold! I hear you.

Congrats on the funding.
Great stitching as always. :)

Addicted to crafts said...

Congrats on being able to go back to work.

chrisstitches said...

Progress is progress...... for day 10 & 11. Are you in the Crazy January Challenge? From ccs talk, it seems you are. I'm catching up on blogs. Thanks for sharing.
I have the opposite problem sometimes....sometimes I want to stitch at night & not go to sleep but my 7 year old son is awake at 5 a.m. Hubby & I prefer 6 a.m. so son does homework.
I stitched for years when I worked third shift awake jobs where there was free time & completed lots of projects.
If you have time, Chris B's projects....Antique car afghan by MIL. (album on ccs)
Enjoy school when it starts.
Take care & love hearing from you on ccs.

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