Wow Thursday

Thursday, January 29, 2009.
Where the heck is this week going. My gosh it's going so fast. Well On Sunday I'll do a month in review as it will be February. So that will show all of my progress to date.

I received the Monopoly chart in the mail yesterday. Thanks Shelley. I'll be picking up fabric on Saturday at the Stitch-in as I do not have a big enough piece in my stash to start it. Then I'll start it on Saturday as well as the LNS serges the edges for me so I can start asap. I'll be starting at the Free Space. Then on Sunday I'll do the next square down from that which is New York Ave. With this one I'll be doing a square a month so it won't be finished for a while but that gives me a bit of incentive on working on my other stuff.

I'm still waiting for my Mystery XII kit to arrive. I do not anticipate it to arrive until Next week which is fine. Then I'll get caught up and do part 1 and part 2. I'm really excited about this as this is my first Mystery that I'm doing with Chatelaines.

Well the Kustom Krafts Mystery SAL will be starting on Sunday I have everything but one colour and part 1 lol. I'll be picking up the last colour I need as well on Saturday at the LNS. If Dyan gives us the chart early then I'll start it on Saturday as well. I'm working on it on 32ct beige 2 over 1. I know I can keep up with it. As Dyan took the background out of it.

As well I'll be bringing Revelation on Saturday to the LNS as I'd like to be 1/2 way finished the first page for January. My goal in February is to have page 1 completely done. I know I can do it. As I'm not that far from getting 1/2 way done now I'm at 4550 stitches and to be halfway I only have 960 left. So really not that much left for 1/2 way. It's looking good. And another plus is that the Heaven and Earth BB is having a retired artist SAL this weekend and This one is Retired. So it works out perfectly.

The weather here is really nice its 37 F or plus 5 C. So it is really a lovely day here. The new Sushi restaurant is now open and I'd love to go but alas I'm going to the LNS on Saturday so I think I'll wait till after. As I have some money saved for spending on Fabric and a thread.

I thought I'd share a picture with you today. This is my Niece. She is 5 years old will be 6 this August and Revelation is for her. She is a real princes this one lol. She dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween and this is the picture I'm sharing with you. She is my angel this one. Apparently she is just like Me lol. She is also a very gifted 5 year old. She has a vocabulary of a 11 year old and reads chapter books as well. I'm so proud of her.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009.
I can't believe it's Tuesday already. I was feeling a bit down as I signed up for the Chatelaine Mystery XII and haven't started yet as I still don't have my supplies. So I thought I'd email Cindy to see if they received the beads yet and she told me my Kit was shipped today. YAYYYY I'm so excited. I cannot wait. As soon as that comes in I'll edge my fabric and then start on Part 1 and Part 2 as by the time I get it Part 2 should be released. I'm also waiting very patiently for the Monopoly Pattern to get here from Shelley. It has been mailed but with the way the Mail goes here I'll probably not get it until the First week of February but that's ok as I still need to buy fabric for it as I don't have any big enough. I'm at the cross stitch store for the stitch in on Saturday anyways so will pick it up. She edges my fabric so I don't have to worry about that. I'll be doing 1 square a month. That will give me enough time to work on the pieces I want to work on. I did a bit of stitching yesterday only completed 400 stitches yesterday and then I went ahead and read. I am hoping that I will be half way done the 1st page of Revelation by Sunday. I'm not that far from being it right now as I have 3700 Stitches completed right now so only another 1800 stitches and I'll be half way. So we shall see.
The weather is really nice here so I'm hoping for an early spring. We are at 36 F right now or Plus 5 C for us Canadians, Europeans, and Aussies. Or anyone who uses Celcius. Anyways should get back to my stitching
Enjoy and Blessings.
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Sunday already?

Sunday, January 25, 2009.
Wow this week just flew by. Another productive week on stitching and Reading. This week I was working on Revelation by HAED. It is done on 32ct Golden Harvest, 1 over 1. So its really tiny but it looks so good. I'm in awe on how it looks like a painting. Here is a picture of it.

This week for reading I finished the first book in a series. It's called The Wolfblade Trilogy By Author Jennifer Fallon who is from Australia. Her site is http://www.jenniferfallon.com/ if anyone is interested in finding out her books. Yes these books are fanatasy but she writes so well. And it keeps you on the edge of her seat. I have both sets of books. It starts off with The Wolfblade Trilogy then goes to the Demon Child Trilogy. So defintely check it out.

So this week is a busy week for me. Have to clean the house and attempt to find work :) I know I will find a job absolutely not worried about it. Also on Saturday I'm going to the LNS for a stitch in. I cannot wait for that. I'll be bringing Revelations with me and the parts for the Monopoly SAL cause I have to get fabric and a few colours Michaels didn't have. I'm really excited about that.

Have a great week.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009.
Well it has been 2 days since I've updated. I have been busy stitching on Revelation. I've almost have 3000 stitches completed, since I've started this design on January 1st 2008. So it is coming along slowly. My ultimate goal is to have it done by August 2010. As that is my Niece's 7th birthday. But we shall see with the tiny stitching it might not be done till 2020 lol. But I will try and get it done before then. I had a really good Mail day on Tuesday. I received my fabric from Silkweavers. They are beautiful colours both 32ct Lugana and One is Honey and the other one is Jubilation. I have thoughts for the Honey one for a L&L or a Mira not sure but the Jubilation is really green looking so not sure what to do with that one yet. I also received in the Mail the LNS Software to keep track of my stitching. I am so happy that arrived yesterday. I have put one bit in already but as I pull projects out I'll then put threads in. My threads are in a lot of containers kitted and I do have a lot in my Nuts and bolt holder where I store my threads. Here is a picture on how I store my threads. So you get the general Idea. I also have to do a lot of adding of my beads as well. Which I will eventually get to as well.

Well I should get back to my stitching I am doing the Themed SAL at http://heavenandearthdesigns.yuku.com/directory This month's theme is background so Revelation is the perfect one for it as right now all I'm doing is the background :) Anyways have a great stitching day :)
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History In the Making

Tuesday, January 20, 2009.
I know I am not from the United States. I am from Canada. But Being who I am I needed to watch the Inauguration of the 44th President of The United States. I am so proud that people could look past the colour of who had run for office. I think and feel that Obama will lead the nation to great heights. Yes there will be a lot of those American's and others around the World that feel that having a Black President is something that is a disgrace. And there will be attempts on his life.

Today holds a lot of significance of faith and equality. And that my friends is a huge step in American History and the History of the World. I'm so glad that I'm alive to see this. And I have faith that Canada and the United States will have a stronger friendship with Obama and his Congress in power.

Thank you for letting me be part of this Historic Event.
Bless you all.
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Sunday Update :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009.

I have been doing some thinking and I am not going to be updating my Website or Multiply blog. I will however still update the pictures on both sites. So this will be the only place to see what I have to say :)

Anyways this week was a busy week. It started off with working on Freedom For All still. Well I'm happy to report I have finished page 2. Now I will be working on Revelation By HAED. I knew I was going to get page 2 done but thought it would be sooner.

On Friday was my DH's 40th birthday. He had his EMR exam to write in Edmonton so we pulled my daughter from School that day and headed North. It was a long trip there. We stopped at the Hotel where DH was writting his exam and I mainly read but I did get 100 stitches in So that was better than nothing. We then stopped at West Edmonton Mall and had dinner, stopped at my favorite store called Millenium and only picked up Incense. Dh was out of Cedar. Then we walked the Mall. Stopped at HMV and picked up Pink's new CD and Katy Perry's CD. So we listened to that on the way home.

We have had some really nice weather here in Alberta. It is 50 right now. And it was 55 earlier. So We are enjoying not being in the deep freeze.
Anyways have a great stitching day.
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5 Addictions and 5 Awesome Bloggers

Saturday, January 17, 2009.

Thanks Kelly for the Nomination
I am to list 5 of my addictions and list 5 bloggers who I think are Great.
So here goes. Funny thing is my addictions except one are the same as Kelly's lol as I'm a WOW player too lol

My family

Cross stitching


Playing World of Warcraft


Now You all must do the same on your blog.

Janet S.
Nancy M.

Now Claim your awards!
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Thursday Update

Thursday, January 15, 2009.
Well tomorrow I'm off to Edmonton for the day with my daughter and her father. He turns 40 tomorrow. I think it's really hitting him. The weather is beautiful it is 23 F or -2 C for now and suppose to warm up to 35 or about 10 C. So we shall see. I'm still working on Freedom For All and I'm hoping to have page 2 done today. Then I can stitch on Revelation. I have a huge migraine today because of the weather so I got really sick of hearing talking on my tv. So I switched it over to the music channels that are on my cable. Right now I'm listening to spa music so with that and stitching it's really relaxing me. I'm not big on taking anything for it. But this time I needed to. Well I should get back to my stitching.
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Just a thought

Tuesday, January 13, 2009.
Well I was doing some thinking on when to do blog updates. And I came to the conclusion I'll do them 3 times a week. Sunday will be the big update with pictures. And Tuesday and Thursday Will be just regular updates on sites I find or even just going ons around here. Or even tips for new and old stitchers :). Anyways Just wanted to let everyone know. Will definitely figure out what to type later.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009.

As some of you all know I finished page 1 of Water on Wednesday. It turned out beautifully.

So that was a good start of the week. I was going to go back to Wild Horses then thought do I really want to do more blue?? So I thought I'd revamp my rotation. So It's going to be Water, Freedom For All, Wild Horses, and then Revelation. That way there I have Water and Wild Horses seperated until I'm done the blue then I'll seperate the one over ones' lol.

So This week I worked on Freedom For All. I didn't do much as a lot was already done. But I do have two ears poping lol. So it's looking good. There is only 9 pages in this chart so I feel I will get it done this year. After this one done Celtic Christmas is coming out and going to be finished. So excited about this.

This week I'm going to finish page 2 of Freedom For All and then hit Wild Horses.

Happy Stitching

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009.

I decided to make a bit of changes as it's still the first week of the New Year. I decided to do a stitching change a bit :) I'm going to do a 4 rotation. So I'll have Water, Wild Horses, Revelation, and Freedom For All on the go. So what will happen is I'll do a page of each. As I just finished yesterday the water page I'm going to go to Freedom For All. As I'm going to give myself breaks on Blue. Freedom For All is only 9 pages so that one should be done this year. Once that one is done I'll grab another over 2 chart that I have started and work on that. It will probably be Celtic Christmas or Spring Queen. But most likely Celtic Christmas as that is closer to being finished. So wish me luck on my new rotation :)
Happy Stitching
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Sunday Update

Sunday, January 4, 2009.

Well I was going to stitch today but I happened upon a game that is a lot of fun. It is called Amazing Adventures of the Lost Tomb. So there went my stitching time. Oh well. I still got a lot completed I managed to get 4500 Stitches completed since Monday so I only need to do 2900 Stitches. Which I know I can get done this week. So I'll finish that off and will be back to Wild Horses. So here is a picture of it.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009.
I hope everyone is having a great Evening. I'm sitting here going through emails and stitching on Water. I'm currently over 3/4 of the way done the first page and hope to have the first page completed tomorrow. After I finish the 1st page of Water then I can go back to Wild Horses and see if I can finish page 6 of that chart. Wild Horses stitching goes really fast as it's only 3300 stitches and not to mention it's over two. On Water it goes slower as I'm doing it over one and a full page is 7,840. So it's a lot more stitching then Wild Horses. I have figured out a bit of a rotation of what will get started when one gets finished. I'm really excited for that. What I'll do is start the chart then head back to the rotation the way I have it planned. In the near future I'll type out what I plan on doing. Yes I have a lot of ambitious stitching plans but it will be fun. Well I should get back to my stitching now if I hope to finish Water tomorrow. I know I can do it. Anyways good night all.
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Friday, January 2, 2009.

Ok I'm done playing for a bit. I'd like to add my progress ones still but will play with it when I'm tired of stitching. Here is a progress picture of Wild Horses. Will show you water on Sunday. For Now enjoy.
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I decided after time to start a new blog as I was really tired of the old look. I did Save the template from the old blog and will upload it soon.
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