Wednesday, September 30, 2009.
This Month's Blog of the Month is one of my personal favourites. It is called Our Haed Sal Blog. This is a very eloquent blog that provides a hundred members to show their work of one of our favourite designers, which is Heaven and Earth Designs. I have asked both the Creators, Cindy and Wendy, some questions on why they felt their blog is such a success to all stitchers and all who visit.

The first question I asked both Cindy and Wendy was; What made you both decide to create this blog?
Cindy Said 'I loved how Michele and Bob transform beautiful artwork into Cross Stitch Designs. It is like painting a picture but with thread.
Wendy Said 'I love the designs of HAED, it is like paintings. The reason for this blog is to encourage everyone to finish these nice pieces of art so they won't become an UFO.'
For those of you who don't know a UFO stands for UnFinished Object.

The next question I asked Cindy and Wendy was; Did you expect your community to get such a successful response?
Wendy Said 'We (Cindy and I), never thought it would become so successful, but it is fun. Especially we get to make and have new friendships and share our love of crafting. Also had some nice support from Michele of HAED and offered to do the first Giveaway. '
Cindy Said 'Michele of HAED wrote us with incredible support, even posting about our blog on her board and being generous as Michele and Bob are offered the first giveaway.'
In order to be a part of the giveaway you do have to be part of the community.

The third question I asked the ladies was; Would there be anything you could change about the blog?
Cindy said 'Have more members."
Wendy also agreed with Cindy on having more members. They would like more space for more members.
So if any of you talented webpage designers could think of a way to help these ladies out that would be great.

Forth question that was asked is; Do you have any tips for new bloggers out there?
Both Cindy and Wendy agreed to this 'If you have a specific forum, stick pretty close to it. But also be open to suggestions.'

Fifth question that was asked is; What tips do you have for new HAED stitchers?
Cindy said 'Do not get overwhelmed by the size of the number of pages. Just enjoy the process'
Wendy said 'It is a hobby so enjoy it and don't make a race of it. Every stitch that you do no matter how small is progress'

The final question I asked was; What was your first HAED Patterns that drew you to the HAED website?
For Cindy it was the Christmas Designs nad the amazing details and colours.
For Wendy it was the pattern that she saw Cindy stitch. She wanted to sart one also. Her first pattern is The Land of Enchantment by Scott Gustafson. Wendy would love to stitch a lot more of the HAED Designs.

Thank you ladies so much for answering my questions. If any of you ae wanting to join the list or would like to design these two terrific ladies a webpage with a blog for everyone to share their work feel free to email either Cindy or Wendy at; or Also just to let you all know that there is a waiting list to be a part of this blog. If you are interested in visiting the Heaven and Earth Design forum feel free to go to or to see more designs by Heaven and Earth go to

Thank you Everyone for reading my blog and Hope that you all visit the Blog of the Month to see the wonderful Progress Pictures from everyone around the world.
Happy Stitching
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Interesting Tuesday

Tuesday, September 29, 2009.
I know I usually update on Sunday but been slacking until today. I was going to update earlier today but we had a power outage in the area. It is now back on obviously.

So Saturday went to my stitch in and did some work on my Chatelaine. I finished Part 3c. Here is a picture of it.

On Sunday I decided to switch over to Monopoly to get it caught up Finished B. & O. Railroad.
I have a lot more accomplished on the Chatelaine but you all have to wait till Sunday to see that
Anyways have a great stitching day and stay tune for the next installment on the Blog of the Month
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It's Monday already...

Monday, September 14, 2009.
Wow time flies when you are having fun. It has been a wonderful warm weekend here which is very unusual for us. We should be getting back to our Normal high's sometime next week they are saying. By Wednesday we are suppose to get to about 85F/29C. I did a little bit of World of Warcraft playing but not a lot. I did do more stitching.
I worked a bit on Part 3c on my Mystery XII but was finding Water by HAED screaming at me so I had to appease it and finish off another page. So I only have a little page left to finish right across the bottom of that piece. So now I'm either going to work on Part 3c of Mystery XII or I'm going to do another square on Monopoly. My rotation now is consisting of 3 pieces. Which is Monopoly, Mystery XII and Water. And I have it set up on which pieces go into the spot when the project is finished. We shall see how this one goes. But without further adu here is Water with 4 pages completed. The definition in the Coral is totally amazing.

Thank you Everyone for your wonderful Comments and your great Response on the Blog Feature. Stay tuned another Blog will be Featured For October....
Happy Stitching
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Wednesday Update

Wednesday, September 9, 2009.
Well It is mid-week and all of it came crashing down. I won't go into detail but according to my daughter I'm a bad mom. Meh she is a teenager after all.

As for Stitching this week I joined into the UFO/SWIP Sal at the HAED board. I worked on Water. Was getting tired of the pink so went up to another page and worked on the blue. I'll have to get back to the pink as there is a lot more pink to go. So here is a before picture:

And here is the after picture:

So after Water I went back to my Mystery XII Chatelaine and finished Part 2c. Here is a picture of it:

So now I am working on Part 3c. I hope to have it done either today or tomorrow. But you won't see the pictures until Sunday's update :) I hope all of you are loving the First edition of Blog of the month. Feel free to let everyone know.
Anyways Happy Stitching.
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Monday, September 7, 2009.
Will be changed to a month. And I'll post it soon. So keep watching this space..

As for stitching. I'll be updating ever Wednesday from now on. So keep watching this space :)
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Comming Soon.......

Friday, September 4, 2009.
Well as this blog has been my insperation to show my work in Stitching. But alas this is about Threads Through Time. Which means to me all threads. Whether it be cross stitching, sewing, Embroidery, knitting, crochetting, and of course Quilting. So starting on Monday September 7th you will be seeing me Host the Blog of the Week. I will pick a random Blog that I read and write about it. And let you all know why they are the blog of the week. There is no prizes for this. It is just for me to get my creative juices up and enjoy writing again. You will still see my updates on Sundays but for One full week at the top of my blog you will see the Blog I think is great for the Week. If you would like to see your blog featured feel free to leave a link of your blog in my comments and I'll add your blog to my Reader where I will draw who will be the first feature.
I hope you all enjoy this installment and feature on my blog.
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Good Morning...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009.
Was going to do an update on Monday but it ended up turning out to be a busy day. My daughter had her first day of school on Monday and she said she had a great day. This is Day 3 on her schedule and she is really enjoying it still. Even though she gets very sore at gym. On the home front, my washer is broken so waiting for the other to fix it. So waiting impatiently as I have a ton of Laundry to work on. I did get my kitchen cleaned up just have a few dishes to clean up then wipe counters sweep and mop the floor.

In stitching news I finished Part 6 of the Mystery XII yesterday. It was really late and I was tired otherwise I would of updated yesterday. I have to figure out how to get a small coffee stain out of my fabric without getting the silks and blended wet. The good thing is it's not near the stitching. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. So here are the pictures of Part 6.

I also put up my goals for September we shall see if I can complete them. I didn't complete any of them for August but that is ok.

Well I'm off to try and keep cool. It has been Unusually hot out here. Yesterday was 82F/28C and today is going to be about the same. Have a happy stitching day.
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