March in Review

Sunday, March 29, 2009.
This Month was the start of some interesting weather. We have had a lot of snow this month and I'm really sick of snow. Here is a picture of what we have received so far.

Ok so this month started off with a new start called Tarot of Dreams. I haven't gotten really far on it but it will come along slowly.

After I worked on this one I worked on Water. I did finish a page. A lot of pinks and reds. It is looking great on the shading.
Then I started back on the Chatelaine. I finished a square of part 2 and finished a part of 3 and almost done the second part of 2. It's coming along nicely.

And finally I finished New York Square on the Monopoly Square.
Right now I am working on FFA Page 4. I have most of my goals completed.
I have been so tired so I haven't really done much stitching. So hopefully in April I'll have more time to stitch. Here are my goals for April:
1. Finish Monopoly Chance
2. Finish Parts 2-4 Mystery XII
3. Finish Page 4 FFA
4. Start Page 2 Revelations
5. Finish Page 1 Baby Ghosts
6. Finish Dream work project
Hope everyone has a great Month
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Sunday Update

Sunday, March 22, 2009.
Well I have finally have some pictures to share with my update. Stitching went really well this week. I only did a little bit during the week but on Saturday is when I got a lot done. 

First I will Start off with Water. I wasn't going to work on it on Thursday For Our Friends' HAED SAL but I changed my mind on Thursday to go ahead and do it. I was almost at completing the page after working on it I decided to keep stitching on it on Friday and a small part on Saturday. So I finished page 37 and all the reds and pinks of the page. This Goal has been completed this month. 

After Water I worked on Chatelaine. I decided to break the parts down to parts. So I worked on Part 2 of 1 And ended up finishing it. I haven't put the beads in yet but as soon as I start Part 4 I'll put beads in Part 1 and continue that way. It looks really good. I have also started Part 3 of 1 but You will see that update next Sunday :) So My Goal of Starting Part 3 this month has been completed. 

Another Goal I completed this month but don't have a picture of it as it's all black and really nothing to see right now is Baby Ghosts. I started it On March 1st. I hope to work on it more next month as I'm working with Revelations as I'll rotate between the two.

Another Goal I completed already this Month is Monopoly Sq NY. I finished that last night at about 11:30. It turned out wonderful. So next months goal is to work on the Chance Sq.

So Now I only have 3 more goals to complete. And they are: Start FFA *which I'll be doing once I finish Part 3 of 1*, Finish Part 2 of the Mystery XII, and Finish Work Project *which I am almost done the border of*.
Well Happy Stitching everyone
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Mid-Week Update

Wednesday, March 18, 2009.
Hi everyone. Wow I'm actually on time for my Mid-Week Update lol. I thought I'd actually share pictures with you today. I have taken a picture of my Tarot of Dreams, and my new Stitchers Cabinet. I'll take pics of Chatelaine Mystery XII on Sunday. I'm really enjoying stitching them. I have been picking up my stitching for a little while each day and it's working out. I haven't done much on the work project but I have done some. I should be able to get the border done either by Friday or Monday we shall see. Work is going really well. Did more shadowing today and it was good. Actually got to type on the computer. Tomorrow we are back into training classes and I'm looking forward to finally get all of that done. Well now for the pictures for you all to see :)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009.
I know I haven't been updating. Well I haven't been stitching much or at all and I haven't been on the computer as when I get home I'm so tired. I have started working on my Tarot of Dreams I'll be working more on it today. Tomorrow I'm going to a cross stitch in and will be bringing Monopoly with me and also my Chatelaine. I have not managed any of my goals right now but will be working everything out. Work is going good and I'm really enjoying it. Next week we were suppose to have more training but they are rolling out a new phone system and I get to see that roll out. Then Training will resume. I will be leaving my work project at work as soon as I get my bin. Then I won't have to bring so much crap with me. But anyways Have a great weekend.
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HI All

Saturday, March 7, 2009.
Ok So now it's the weekend. And I have not picked up any stitching at all. I haven't even touched my work project. I had a really long week. The commute was trying at times as the weather was bad 2 days out of the week. But I still made it ok. The week was a busy one. Learned a lot about the company and everything so it was good. Next week we learn how to use the tools. I'm really looking forward to it. As I'm getting bored with my stitching I thought I'd try working on a new one. I wasn't really sure which one I'd like to work on so I found a really beautiful one It's a new one by Marchetti. It's called Tarot of Dreams. It's a beautiful one. I absolutely love the looks of this. So I decided to go ahead and have a little fun. Here is what it will look like. So without having any stitching to update. I will not be updating tomorrow. But I'll update again on Wednesday. Until then, have a great Weekend. Forgot to add, Do not forget to turn your clocks Forward tonight before you all go to bed. For those who do.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009.
I know was suppose to update yesterday. Well got home from work and didn't feel like doing much. I have a lot more energy today then I did yesterday. Training so far is going well. I'm enjoying it. We had done some shadowing yesterday. It was great. I haven't done much stitching this week. I have been bringing my work project and really should bring it out but been getting to know some co-workers. I did get a bit of the border done but will hopefully work on some stitching tonight. I actually feel up to it. I've been drinking 2 coffees a day where I usually only do one. But It's still all good. Anyways just wanted to do a little update. This week's picture is one of my daughter and DH at icefishing.

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