Day 12 and 13

Friday, January 14, 2011.
I worked on Day 12 which was Wisconsin really didn't do a lot but I did get a few stitches in. Here is a picture of it:

So yesterday I worked on Day 13 which was 3 Faces of Santa. I restarted this design as I started a long time ago on cashell and hated it. I am currently stitching it on Silkweavers 28ct lugana it is a green color not sure what it is as it is one of their limited edition. I love the feel of the fabric it is so soft. Here is a picture of where I got to yesterday:

I have also been working on Advice From a Caterpillar for a SAL on the HAED bb. It ran from Friday to Thursday so here it is before :

And here it is now:

I also worked on my model but have to rip all that I did out. I am so frustrated as I messed up somewhere and not sure where. But that's ok it will get all my attention tomorrow and Sunday.
So day 14 is 2009 Boo club and day 15 is Celtic Spring. Stay tuned to Sunday :)


Tracy said...

I'm so sorry you had to frog the model, I had a few minor mistakes, but nothing major, but I hate it when i can't find the mistake.

Your HAED looks great, and love the starts.

Tracy who is looking at ordering a silkweaver fabric for Gateway Unicorns for my daughter.

Berly said...

I hate when that happens with a model! Good luck! The rest of your stitching looks great! I've been hearing a lot of bad things about the customer service for Silkweavers since they sold to the new company - people not getting their fabric for months or sometimes not at all. Did you have any problems with them?

Carol's Stitching said...

Your stitching is looking great. Can't wait to see the progress on your 15 wips throughout the year.

Kelly said...

Your stitching is lovely and I look forward to the next update.
Sorry about the frogging!

EvalinaMaria said...

Lovely projects! I wish you many finishes in 2011!

Carissa said...

Lookin good Terri! I'll admit I'm not fond of linen in general, but I really enjoy working on Lugana.
Sorry the frogs came to visit!

Crystal said...

Hope you chased away the frog, love your new starts looking forward to seeing more.

Bea said...

Terri, you've picked an interesting range of projects. Looking forward to watching your progress.

Sorry to hear about the frogs. I hope you find the mistake quickly.

Debra said...

wips are looking good.

chrisstitches said...

Sorry to hear you had to frog the model but it looks like you have been busy stitching for the CJC/Great work! Chris B from ccs

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