Sitting in Class

Thursday, September 15, 2011.
As I am sitting in class, I am reminded on how much I love my new path. I have finally found what I am suppose to do with my life. It is a long process but as I start to finish up the last of the legal part of my course I am reminded everyday how fortunate I am that I am almost done. Yes I have not picked up my stitching in months as when I get home from my day I am usually dead tired. I will paint a picture for you as to what I go through in a day. Monday and Tuesday are my short days as I am only in class until the lecture is done and I have all my work completed. So I am usually home by noon. But then again I am up by 5 to leave by 5:30 am so I can have a parking spot at the train as the parking fills up fast and I really do not want to walk 5 blocks. Wednesday to Friday I am up again at 5 and leave again at 5:30 am. I go to school till again we are done. After I am off to the car to drop off my heavy books and then I head back to the train and head back downtown Calgary. I go get lunch then I walk the 6 blocks to go to my practicum. I am there from 1pm till 5pm sometimes 5:30pm. Then off to the house. I get home anywhere from 6:30 to 7pm I eat a veg then I go back to sleep. It does make for a very long day. So I hope that I can get back to my stitching soon but alas I fear I won't be. I really miss picking up the needle and I really miss working on the beautiful pictures. I do have to get working on my SK Sal which I hope to do today as I am going home due to not feeling the greatest. Well that is what I am up to. Back to learning Real Estate Law. Photobucket


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