Happy Halloween :) Stitching Update and Contest

Sunday, October 31, 2010.
What a wonderful day this is for me. It is Samhain which is classified as a New Year. I love today as everything seems perfect. I'm not big into the trick or treating. I do love the costumes the kids wear as a lot of them look so cute and there is a lot of thought into them. My daughters were no exception to the rule. First I'll show you a picture of my Biological Daughter. She did all her own make up and that I'm proud of. They were able to wear their costumes to school on Friday. This is what my other Daughter *my daughter's best friend that lives with us* dressed up as. They had a great time. I actually did her make up as it was easier for me. She bought that black stuff that goes around the eyes but my daughter had black eyeshadow so I used that instead and it turned out a lot better.

Now for stitching. I have been working on Monopoly this week again and like I said will continue working on it until I get bored or finish it. Well I finished another square this week. I finished Just visiting/In Jail. I am glad to get that done. I really hated the backstitching on that square but it's done lol. Here is a picture of the square and of it overall. Another one I didn't show you that I stitched a while ago is Oriental Courage. I actually finished the dragon part of the design. Here is where I stopped on it.

Now for the contest. You have until November 16th to enter. I will put until then as I'll add my daughter's Sweet 16 into the draw. She turns 16 on November 15th. So that gives you 2 weeks. You can mention about it on your blog. What I need from you. List One chart, it has to be a current Chart not an out of print chart, on your MUST WANT wishlist and put it in your comment post. You have to include the designer as I need to know who the designer is. And that will be the prize that you win. Plus a few little extras too. Which I'm not going to tell you what that part is lol. I love the element of Surprise :) All you need to do to enter is to be a follower of my blog, You can post on your blog about the contest, and comment on this post. That is all you need to do. Good luck to you all :)

And thank all 107 followers for following my blog :)


I will leave you with a picture from a friends blog on what they did to the pumpkins

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Monday, October 25, 2010.
I am so flattered I am at a Hundred Followers so I shall come up with a contest then so stay tuned on that one.

I do have a stitching update. I have been working on Monopoly since Friday. So here is an update on what I have done. I have finished Go To Jail Square and now working on Just Visiting/In Jail square. I plan on working on this one till I get either a) bored or b) it finished. I am striving to have it finished. So here are the pictures.

I will come up with a contest by next Sunday :) I hope you all enjoy my little update. I have been working nonstop lately so really tired and don't spend a lot of time on the computer. I am also behind on blog reading so please bare with me while I get caught up. I do read but may not comment all the time. Thanks for reading and keep reading and commenting I do appreciate it.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010.
Evaline Marie is having a give away on her site you can see it here

I will also be updating my stitching tomorrow morning
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Thursday, October 21, 2010.
Hi everyone... Here's a little update on what is going on here. I have not dropped off the face of the earth at all. Just been busy with work. I am working at KFC/Taco Bell and just got promoted to Shift Manager. On my way to an Assistant Manager. I'm looking forward to that. I am slowly getting back to my stitching so will find time to do an update on that soon when I have something worthy to show. I am moving my bedroom to the basement as I need more room to relax in. I have 3/4's of my room moved just need to move more. Kids are all doing good in school having a few issues but that is normal in Highschool. Please send thoughts to my Grandmother she has a nasty cold and I am worried about her as she is not getting any younger. I love that woman more than anything and is a great roll model for me and my daughter to follow. I am trying to get caught up with blogs again and will get there eventually. You will all hear from me before Halloween lol.
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