Wow Thursday

Thursday, January 29, 2009.
Where the heck is this week going. My gosh it's going so fast. Well On Sunday I'll do a month in review as it will be February. So that will show all of my progress to date.

I received the Monopoly chart in the mail yesterday. Thanks Shelley. I'll be picking up fabric on Saturday at the Stitch-in as I do not have a big enough piece in my stash to start it. Then I'll start it on Saturday as well as the LNS serges the edges for me so I can start asap. I'll be starting at the Free Space. Then on Sunday I'll do the next square down from that which is New York Ave. With this one I'll be doing a square a month so it won't be finished for a while but that gives me a bit of incentive on working on my other stuff.

I'm still waiting for my Mystery XII kit to arrive. I do not anticipate it to arrive until Next week which is fine. Then I'll get caught up and do part 1 and part 2. I'm really excited about this as this is my first Mystery that I'm doing with Chatelaines.

Well the Kustom Krafts Mystery SAL will be starting on Sunday I have everything but one colour and part 1 lol. I'll be picking up the last colour I need as well on Saturday at the LNS. If Dyan gives us the chart early then I'll start it on Saturday as well. I'm working on it on 32ct beige 2 over 1. I know I can keep up with it. As Dyan took the background out of it.

As well I'll be bringing Revelation on Saturday to the LNS as I'd like to be 1/2 way finished the first page for January. My goal in February is to have page 1 completely done. I know I can do it. As I'm not that far from getting 1/2 way done now I'm at 4550 stitches and to be halfway I only have 960 left. So really not that much left for 1/2 way. It's looking good. And another plus is that the Heaven and Earth BB is having a retired artist SAL this weekend and This one is Retired. So it works out perfectly.

The weather here is really nice its 37 F or plus 5 C. So it is really a lovely day here. The new Sushi restaurant is now open and I'd love to go but alas I'm going to the LNS on Saturday so I think I'll wait till after. As I have some money saved for spending on Fabric and a thread.

I thought I'd share a picture with you today. This is my Niece. She is 5 years old will be 6 this August and Revelation is for her. She is a real princes this one lol. She dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween and this is the picture I'm sharing with you. She is my angel this one. Apparently she is just like Me lol. She is also a very gifted 5 year old. She has a vocabulary of a 11 year old and reads chapter books as well. I'm so proud of her.


Meari said...

You have a lot of projects to keep you busy, Terri. Good luck with them and I'll be watching your progress. Your niece is adorable in the costume!

htimcj said...

I tsounds like you have made great progress on the SALS. I just bought Alhambra Garden from Chatelaine Designs and can't wait to start it. I would love to see some pictures.

You niece is too cute. My daughter is 6 as well and loves chapter books, especially the Treehouse Series.

nutmegg said...

Your going to be very busy, your niece is so cute I have a 4 years old grand-daughter and also loves fairies....xo

Carolyn NC said...

Your niece is such a cutie! And boy, you are going to be busy with all these projects, but they all sound wonderful!

Dawn said...

You are so organized with your goals! I hope you get to them all! You amaze me everytime you tell how many stitches you have done! I would never even begin to try to learn how to count what I have! Your niece is precious! I have a granddaughter her age and just as much an angel! She actually likes to pretend she has homework like her older brothers!

Rene la Frog said...

I just got the Monopoly also and just had to start it. What color fabric are you going to use?

Your niece is adorable!!!

Katrien said...

another one in the Monopoly-club, woohoo :-)
sounds like you're very busy! - Katrien - ILCS

Fatema said...

What a lovely blog you have.
Your niece is so beautiful.

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