Sunday already?

Sunday, January 25, 2009.
Wow this week just flew by. Another productive week on stitching and Reading. This week I was working on Revelation by HAED. It is done on 32ct Golden Harvest, 1 over 1. So its really tiny but it looks so good. I'm in awe on how it looks like a painting. Here is a picture of it.

This week for reading I finished the first book in a series. It's called The Wolfblade Trilogy By Author Jennifer Fallon who is from Australia. Her site is if anyone is interested in finding out her books. Yes these books are fanatasy but she writes so well. And it keeps you on the edge of her seat. I have both sets of books. It starts off with The Wolfblade Trilogy then goes to the Demon Child Trilogy. So defintely check it out.

So this week is a busy week for me. Have to clean the house and attempt to find work :) I know I will find a job absolutely not worried about it. Also on Saturday I'm going to the LNS for a stitch in. I cannot wait for that. I'll be bringing Revelations with me and the parts for the Monopoly SAL cause I have to get fabric and a few colours Michaels didn't have. I'm really excited about that.

Have a great week.


Sadie said...

Looking good Terri. Have fun at your stitch in and i'm sure you will find a job.

Gwen said...

Hi Terri,
Your blog layout is very pretty. I admire all your HAED projects. You are making great progress, good luck.

Meari said...

It *does* look like a painting. Very nice, Terri.

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