Thursday Update

Thursday, January 15, 2009.
Well tomorrow I'm off to Edmonton for the day with my daughter and her father. He turns 40 tomorrow. I think it's really hitting him. The weather is beautiful it is 23 F or -2 C for now and suppose to warm up to 35 or about 10 C. So we shall see. I'm still working on Freedom For All and I'm hoping to have page 2 done today. Then I can stitch on Revelation. I have a huge migraine today because of the weather so I got really sick of hearing talking on my tv. So I switched it over to the music channels that are on my cable. Right now I'm listening to spa music so with that and stitching it's really relaxing me. I'm not big on taking anything for it. But this time I needed to. Well I should get back to my stitching.


nutmegg said...

Hi Terri, I have just checked out your blog and I like what I see very much I also have the Wild Horses chart but haven't started it yet...Nutmegg

Sadie said...

Hi Terri. I hope the music and stitching help you to feel better soon. x

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