Happy Halloween :) Stitching Update and Contest

Sunday, October 31, 2010.
What a wonderful day this is for me. It is Samhain which is classified as a New Year. I love today as everything seems perfect. I'm not big into the trick or treating. I do love the costumes the kids wear as a lot of them look so cute and there is a lot of thought into them. My daughters were no exception to the rule. First I'll show you a picture of my Biological Daughter. She did all her own make up and that I'm proud of. They were able to wear their costumes to school on Friday. This is what my other Daughter *my daughter's best friend that lives with us* dressed up as. They had a great time. I actually did her make up as it was easier for me. She bought that black stuff that goes around the eyes but my daughter had black eyeshadow so I used that instead and it turned out a lot better.

Now for stitching. I have been working on Monopoly this week again and like I said will continue working on it until I get bored or finish it. Well I finished another square this week. I finished Just visiting/In Jail. I am glad to get that done. I really hated the backstitching on that square but it's done lol. Here is a picture of the square and of it overall. Another one I didn't show you that I stitched a while ago is Oriental Courage. I actually finished the dragon part of the design. Here is where I stopped on it.

Now for the contest. You have until November 16th to enter. I will put until then as I'll add my daughter's Sweet 16 into the draw. She turns 16 on November 15th. So that gives you 2 weeks. You can mention about it on your blog. What I need from you. List One chart, it has to be a current Chart not an out of print chart, on your MUST WANT wishlist and put it in your comment post. You have to include the designer as I need to know who the designer is. And that will be the prize that you win. Plus a few little extras too. Which I'm not going to tell you what that part is lol. I love the element of Surprise :) All you need to do to enter is to be a follower of my blog, You can post on your blog about the contest, and comment on this post. That is all you need to do. Good luck to you all :)

And thank all 107 followers for following my blog :)


I will leave you with a picture from a friends blog on what they did to the pumpkins


Rene la Frog said...

The girls look great in their costumes!

The stitching looks good too!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The costumes are great.

I love how much you have done on your WIP's. I need to start my monopoly board.

Please include me in your drawing.
I am a follower.
I will post a metion of your giveaway in just a few minutes.

I would love to get Villa-Mirabilia by Mirabila.

Thank you.

Cindi J said...

I love your girl's costumes too! I know they had fun. I too am stitching the Monopoly Board and know what you mean about the In Jail backstitching. Hard to get the "jailbird" to look right!
I would like to be entered to win yor contest. One chart that on my wish list is "We'd Turn Back" - by Prairie Moon.

Thanks for a great giveaway.

Blu said...

Your girls' costumes look awesome!

That pumpkin display is hilarious!!!

I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. My current MUST-HAVE is "12 Days of Christmas" by Jim Shore.

Debra said...

great pictures of the girls. Your wips are looking good. and I love the pumpkin pictures.

Rhonda Polk said...

I would love to have a "From merry's heart" pattern kit

e-mail: rrpolk97030@yahoo.com

would love to be in the give away !!!!

Lisa said...

Excellent stitching & excellent costumes too.

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! Pumpkins are cute! I can't believe that u are giving away what we would like to have..... wow! Thanks for the chance to win!

My wish is to stitch "The Sea Turtle" from Heaven and Earth Design. The turtle looks like Hawaiian type since I love the colors!!!!



Katrien said...

the girls look great in their costumes.
Lovely stitching.
I'd love to be entered in the give-away. My wish is to stitch Shiver Me timbers by Sue Hillis.

Terry said...

Girls costumes looked great as does your stitching. I've put my Monopoly to the side for the moment. Can't seem to get in the groove with it. Hopefully that will pass soon. lol

I'm a follower and I will be sure to post this giveaway on my blog as soon as I finish here. lol

I love Prairie Schooler and would love to have Snowy Nights Book #166

BTw, I just love your profile Avatar! I just noticed today that it's animated. Love that she blinks and the twinkle almost looks like she's trying to wink. So cute!

requilt said...

Great costumes and the pumpkins are too funny.
Please enter me in your drawing.
I would like to stitch Woodland Christmas Stocking by Stoney Creek Collection

Bronzemom said...

Love the costumes! My DD is too old for Halloween dress-up now.

Please enter me in your giveaway -- I'll post it to my blog's sidebar.

I'd love to stitch "Quaker Alphabet" by La D Da

Thank you!
bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

gracie said...

i love these fun contests. I am still fairly new to blogging, so I am always visiting with as many as I can. Sign me up! One of my must have's is LHN Lavender's Blue...going right back to my page to post!

Kttycat said...

Hi i'm a new follower. Your girls were both so cute. I also just love to see what the kids dress up as. Some can be so creative. I'd love to be entered into your drawing. Your being so generous by giving the winner the chart of their choice. I'd love my entry to be for Little House Needleworks - The Library. Thanks again for being so generous!

BSOTF said...

Wow, the things on your blog are breath takingly amazing! I do enjoy reading it & looking at all your creations. Your daughter's out fits are neat. I can see why you are so proud of the job she done with her makeup.

Sarah Lindfield said...

The girls look amazing and your WIP is coming along great.

Thank you so much for the wonderful give away. I am a follower, I have put a link to you on my blog and the pattern I would love to have is:

Tralala: Petite Vache which can be found here:


Once again thank you so much x

demeter83 said...

You're Monopoly Board's looking lovely, I've seen this completed by one other lass and it looked so amazing when it was finished, so I hope you're enjoying stitching it.

Can I be included in your giveaway (what a lovely additional thing to do for a sweet 16). I'm a HEAD addict, so that's the route I'm going down.
Impossible Love which is a Selena Fenech piece (it's always Selena Fenech of Meredith Dillman in my world).

demeter83 said...

There's a chance I've left this twice, my computer had a weird hiccup.

You're Monopoly Board looks fabulous, a saw a finish of this a little over a year ago from the first ever blog I followed, and it looked amazing, so I hope you're enjoying stitching it.

And I love the pumpkins, brilliant, seen some really funny ones of those.

Please can I enter your giveaway? I'm a HAED addict so I'd go for Impossible Love by Selena Fenech cos it's just beautiful. And I always go for either Selena Fenech of Meredith Dillman

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog thru someone else's and i'd love to be entered in your giveaway. My One chart that is a "must have" on my list is "simple joys" by LHN. I just love that chart.


and please visit my blog if you have a few mintues...

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog thru someone else's and i'd love to be entered in your giveaway. My One chart that is a "must have" on my list is "simple joys" by LHN. I just love that chart.


and please visit my blog if you have a few mintues...

Bea said...

The girls' costumes are terrific!

Good progress on Monopoly - looks like you're about 1/2 done now.

I would love to enter your give away. I have 2 patterns I really want - Rosemarkie by Long Dog and Cirque des Circles by Ink Circles - so, if I should win, surprise me! LOL

mbroider said...

I do have the Monopoly chart with me, but have been postponing stitching:)

I would love to have Queen of the Needle chart by Just Nan. Thanks for this contest!!

mbroider said...

I have the Monopoly chart too, although i have not started stitching yet;-)

As for my wish list chart, it is Queen of the Needle by Just Nan. Thanks for this contest!!

Carolyn in VA said...

Hi Terri! Glad to see you're doing so well up there in the Great Cold North. = )
Your Monopoly is coming along great! Think you'll finish it this year, or will it be a 2011 finish?
Your daughters look like they had fun on Halloween, good to see they are still enjoying it at their ages. My little girls had a blast, dressing up as a candy corn (3yo) and a ghost (6yo). = )
I'll abstain from the giveaway, goodness knows I have enough kitted up for a while, but it's a wonderful surprise someone will be getting! = )
Take care,
Carolyn in VA

Kate said...

Great costumes for the girls. Love the pumpkin display. Monolopy is looking good.
Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a follower of your blog.
A chart on my wishlist is Shiver me Timbers by Sue Hillis Designs.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I love your Monopoly Board, could you please let me know who the designer is? I have become a follower, and at the moment I am in love with all things Jenny Bean and can't live without Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler by Shakespears Pedlar. Thanks for your generosity and I'm looking forward to seeing more progress pictures of Monopoly. My email address is wright @ aussiebb.com.au (without spaces of course lol).

Kimberly R. said...

I'd love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway - I am wishing for Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor :)
I have been following for quite a while and enjoy your blog!
Thanks so much,
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Carissa said...

Terri, the girls both look great and Monopoly is looking good.

I'm already a follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway.

I would choose "Devoted Soulmates" by Kustom Krafts. I'd love to stitch this piece for my daughter and new son-in-law as a "wedding sampler" as they both love wolves.

My email is jordans0597 at yahoo dot com.

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