Mid Week Update

Wednesday, March 3, 2010.
Well this week has been speeding by extremely fast. The stitching is going well so far and looks like I'm completely on track. As for the Job front it is coming along nicely actually. I have applied at almost 50 different jobs. I have an interview next week at a golf course. I also have an appointment with a temp agency on Friday. I am also going to be going to the school to see if I can get in. I'm at a cross road with school right now. I can either take a course dealing with Oil and Gas Administration *aka Receptionist* or I can go to Legal Assistant course. Not really sure which route as of yet to take as there will always be jobs in both. Decisions decisions lol. Anyways will be updating my stitching on Sunday.

ETA: Have a job interview tomorrow as well :)
Happy Wednesday


Vickie said...

Good luck on the job!!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Good luck with the job hunt!

Carissa said...

Good luck Terri!

Meari said...

Sounds like things are going good for you. Good luck on the job front. :) I've been looking, too.

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