February in Review

Sunday, February 28, 2010.
As this month draws to a close so does the 2010 Olympic Games. Congrats to all Countries that participated in the Olympics. I am proud that you came to my Country and Proud that you have the guts to do what so many dream of doing. I am truely a Proud Canadian today as we have won 14 Gold Medals and we have set a new record. My favorite part of the Olympics is our first gold medal won at home and the Women and Men's hockey team again defeating the United States in Hockey. Both games were great and really close. I am so glad that we support both Nations in Hockey. This is what peace is all about. Thank you for coming to Canada and you all are most welcome to come again.
As for stitching I really didn't get a lot accomplished, as I was away for about a week in my home town. I did finish the Monopoly square seen here:
So this month I'll be working on Water Works.

Also worked on Chatelaine Mystery XII. I almost have part 7 done. I will have part 7 done this month and will also finish up part 2. Here is the picture:

This month I also worked on Elfland. I was 100 stitches shy of my 2000 stitches goal. So March's goal is to finish the page. Here is the picture:
I also worked on Oriental Courage. I didn't get the page completed on this one either but I'm close. So March's goal is to finish the page. Here is where I got to:
I also started to do an Olympic challenge with the 2muchxs yahoo group. I did not get it done as I was totally plagued with the frogs. I do plan on having it finished this month. Maybe during the Paraolympics. Who knows lol. Here is where I left off:
This month I also received my Valentine's Exchange. It showed up while I was out of town so it was nice to get it when I did get home. Here is what Pam gave me :
I also received my PIF and a Rak from Dawn. I received my first Biscornu and it's my favorite colour as well. Here is what I received:
A lot has gone on in my personal life as well. I put my relationship with Kris on hold as right now I need to focus on me and getting me on my own feet. I am also looking at going back to school as well so we shall see how that goes. I have applied at a lot of jobs even if it seems I'm not qualified for them but you never know unless you don't apply. I will be back out tomorrow to apply to more and also on Wednesday. Wish me Luck.
Happy Stitching.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is really coming along beautifully.

I am so glad I was able to RAK you.
As well as, PIF you.... glad you like the biscornu.... green is my favorite color too.

Praying what is going on in your personal life will get better soon.
If it means school is in your future I pray it goes well....

Good luck also on finding a job. I am having major difficulties finding one as well.... trying to work hard on my website to hope to get my crafts selling... would love to stay home and just do crafts for a living.

Nancy M said...

Yes you are close to finishing both those pages! Your exchanges look nice too. I've enjoyed the Olympics, but glad to get back to normal programming! LOL

Lisa said...

Well done on all of your stitching for this past month. Lots acheived.

Debra said...

Wow you have a lot of projects going! I love the Witch piece. I have that pattern too. Best of luck to you with school and looking for a job. You are right you never know so keep at it.
Debra S at ILCS group.

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful projects on the go, and what nice progress! Witchy Washy looks like a fun one, but you seem to be attacked by frogs and that's scaring me off. Is the chart not as it should be, or is it just a wee bit too small at 36 ct over two?

Carolyn NC said...

For someone that didn't get much done, you sure did get a lot done!! Stitching looks great. Congrats on the lovely PIF and exchange, too!

Katrien said...

You've got some great WIP's coming along!
Hope the frogs stay away.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Keep up the good work, everyone of your projects are working up nicely. Wishing you all the best with the schooling/job hunting and relationship, but mostly the stitching. lol
Be always in stitches.

Shelley said...

All of your stitching is coming along great. You are so close to those 2 pages being finished.

Good luck with the job searching and possible re-entry into school.

Hope your "me time" is truly all about you and you find the inner stuff you need and desire. We all need a little time to ourselves.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well done on making progress on so many of your projects. I think its more not what we get done but the fact that we stitch and enjoy it.

Carissa said...

Terri you certainly do have a few projects to keep you busy and they all look great. Good luck with the job hunting, I know from my Mom's experience it's quite a challenge.

Vickie said...

WOW!!! Your stitching is amazing!!!! I love it all!!!

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