Sunday Update

Sunday, July 26, 2009.
WOW it's actually Sunday. And I'm updating lol. I've been working nights I have 3 more to go. Really happy about that. So without further adu here is my stitching progress. I started with Dream by Lizzie Kate. This project is my work project. I finished it on Friday so now I have my first finish of the year.

Yesterday I went to a 12 hour stitching for Christmas in July. I bought some fabric and threads for my next projects. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of this but they will come. I stitched a bit on Monopoly it was so hot about 35-40 Celsius that's about 80-95 Fahrenheit so it was really hard to stitch. But I pervailed. I got a bit of the Community Chest Square done. Mostly the writing the chest was giving me a hard time. So I have to try and get that done. Here is the picture

The next thing I worked on and what I focused on was Water. I'm almost done page 40. I really like working on this one so far. So here is my progress for it.

Well there is my progress. Happy Stitching

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CindyMae said...

Beautiful finish!!! Great progress on the monopoly board!! Love the new start as well!!

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