Thursday, February 12, 2009.
Well I'm going to be changing my Posting schedule. I'll be doing posts every Sunday and Wednesday. So that will be a nice change.

Stitching: I finally received my kit for Chatelaine's Mystery XII. I am missing 3 of the flower Crystals. I did email Cindy not sure if she read that yet or not. I am working on Part 1 though and it is coming along nicely. I did have to rip out quiet a bit of stitching and it was the silks. I did manage to save them so that made me happy. But I did get a lot done yesterday. You will see updates of that on Sunday.

With Revelation I only have 630 Stitches as of 10:30 am MST. So I should have it done either today or tomorrow. I'll be happy to finally finish page 1. So far you can see the wings of her and part of a butterfly. The colours in the butterfly are really bright and vibrante. I'm not an orange lover but I do love the 741 colour for this design.

With Kustom Krafts Mystery I have done a little bit more. If I don't get more done on that I won't take a picture as it really isn't worth it. But we shall see how much I have done.

Home: Well not much really going on here. Kerriene is home sick. Poor kid. But she needs the rest and the sleep. Talked to my sister yesterday. Told her the package has been sent. Also I sent Mom's new lap stand to her. She is really excited and cannot wait to get back to stitching. I cannot wait to see what she will work on. We are planning a trip to Ontario this summer. We are going to go out to the camp that I use to go to when I was young. My sister said that they will meet us out there. I'm so excited about that. I can see my niece YAYYYYY lol. And make a trip to Thunder Bay for my Persians lol. If you do not know what persians are they are a donut/cinnamon roll like item with this wonderful Pink icing on it. I love them and usually buy about 4 dozen when I'm there and have the icing on the side. My whole family loves them. My sister sent me more pictures of my niece. She is such a doll here is a picture of her at the Daddy and Daughter Dance


Kelly said...

Your niece is so pretty and what a lovely dress!
Sounds like you have been busy with your stitching. Looking forward to seeing some pics!

Rene la Frog said...

Sounds like you're having a good stitching week. Looking forward to the pictures on Sunday.

Your neice is just adorable.

Meari said...

Your niece is adorable, Terri :) Love her little dress.

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